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CAGLAN.net Other Stuff
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Past CAGLAN Properties
CAGLAN.net Internet Server Stats
Funny Junk

Past CAGLAN Information and Pics
CAGLAN v1.0 (July 14-15, 2001)
CAGLAN v2.0 (August 3-5, 2002)
CAGLAN v3.0 (September 8, 2001)
CAGLAN v4.0 (September 29, 2001)
CAGLAN v5.0 (November 3-4, 2001)
CAGLAN v6.0 (December 1-2, 2001)
CAGLAN v7.0 pics page (January 5-6, 2002)
CAGLAN v8.0 pics page (February 2-3, 2002)
CAGLAN v9.0 pics page (March 2-3, 2002)
CAGLAN X pics page (April 6-7, 2002)
CAGLAN XI pics page (May 4-5, 2002)
CAGLAN XII pics page (June 1-2, 2002)
CAGLAN XIII pics page (June 28-30, 2002)
CAGLAN XIV pics page (August 3-4, 2002)
CAGLAN XV pics page (August 24-25, 2002)
CAGLAN XVI pics page (September 14-15, 2002)
CAGLAN XVII (October 18-19, 2002)
CAGLAN XVIII (November 16-17, 2002)
CAGLAN XIX (January 11-12, 2003)
CAGLAN XX is now known as the undocumented LAN...No pics, no write-up, nothing. (February 15-16, 2003)
CAGLAN XXI (May 17-18, 2003)
CAGLAN XXII is another undocumented LAN.
CAGLANXXIII (September 6-7, 2003) Coming soon!?!?

Player Stats from our LANs

Total Stats (since 02/08/02)









Internet Server Stats

CAGLAN.net Internet Server

Stuff that Makes You Chuckle or Something
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