CAGLAN19 (January 11-12, 2003) Rundown
"Junk You Probably Didn't Even Know Happened at the LAN."

Pics Page

Who Attended (20-ish)
Darth Ewok
Johnny Nightmare
El Pollo Diablo
Na Jin
this guy
this other guy
this guy, too
this guy next to Johnny Nightmare
this guy in red
Spanish MerSINary
Unholy King
Noel's brother
Aw, fuggit...There were a bunch of people there.

Total # Computers
I'd bet there were around 20 computers...I'm not writing this until June, and I can't frickin' remember!

CAGLAN Landmarks Reached
Heck, I don't know...Like I said, it's June already! Let's see...We managed to get DeathAndTaxes to climb up on the roof about half a dozen times, does that count?

Most Played Game
Battlefield 1942 probably wins this one again, but there was some Warcraft3 being played...I think there was a bunch of file-sharing instead of gaming, but I was amazingly sleep-deprived so I don't remember.

Best Strategy of the LAN
In line with the landmark, getting Dan to fall to his death was probably a strategy some conniving person thought up and made him climb up there.

Useless Stat of the LAN
We definately set a record for circuit breaker trips. I bet we tripped the circuit 5 times or something. It was cold out there, too.