CAGLAN21 (May 17-18, 2003) Rundown
"Junk You Probably Didn't Even Know Happened at the LAN."

Pics Page

Who Attended (26+)
Chad Rupe
The Lord Pyrite
Papa Penguin
MaryBeth Meagher
Unholy Archer
Unholy Knight
Unholy King
El Pollo Diablo
White Trash
The Tik

Some other guy showed up with his girlfriend, didn't get their names.
We had about half a dozen guys from the hotel stomp through there a couple of times. ;-)

Total # Computers
There were probably about 28 computers, considering The_Tik and DeathAndTaxes both brought linux servers. This wasn't counting the router/tripping hazard on the floor by the door. ;-).

CAGLAN Quotables and Notables
Pyrite provided us with the quote of the LAN:
"Need a facelift? Gimme a call. Need bigger boobs? Gimme a call. Need to be a man? Gimme a call."

CAGLAN Pic-of-the-LAN
Phero was kind enough to leave us with this lasting image. Aint it a beaut?

CAGLAN Landmarks Reached
Well, not really a landmark, but this CAGLAN had the most 'out-of-towners' of any CAGLAN ever. We had one guy from Colorado, one from Canyon, Texas, one from Lubbock, and three from Levelland...Did I miss anybody?

Prizes, etc.
We had four small prizes that we raffled off in the wee hours of the morning. There were two cold-cathode light kits and two ratpadz. Starrat and White Trash won the RatPadz, while Hemlock and Ash else won the lights. Congrats!

Most Played Game
There was a *bunch* of ra3 going on, people seemed pretty excited that that mod is being developed again...A bunch of people were also digging into Ghost Recon and Operation Flashpoint.

Best Strategy of the LAN
Dunno, but Dan kept calling everybody 'A dirty, dirty girl.' That's a reference to the final few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but nobody got it, and it had limited strategic effect. :-/

Useless Stat of the LAN
There were six people from Texas and one from Colorado as far as I know. That's by far the most for any CAGLAN, and I'm hoping it signals a trend.