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"When there IS no F*cking Manual to Read."

Where the hell is Clovis, NM?
Clovis is 95 miles northwest of Lubbock, TX and 96 miles southwest of Amarillo, TX. It's about 10 miles inside the New Mexico border from the Texas state line.

What is a LANParty?
Without getting into any details, a LANParty is a place where people bring their computers and hook them all up so they can play games against each other and share files quickly. It's a freaking blast, in other words.

Does it cost anything?
The cost of admission varies from LAN to LAN. Sometimes we will charge more when our costs are higher (we provide food, drink, etc) and sometimes lower when we don't provide this junk. The prices range from $5 to $15, and you will get a discount if you meet some of the following conditions:
-1. Your very first CAGLAN is free. :-)
-2. If you drive more than 40 miles, it's free. The only exception to this is if you want to compete in the official tournament (if any)...In that case you have to pay just like everyone else.
-3. If you register before-hand you will get a discount. The discount will be specified in the registration thread in our forums.
-4. If you bring a friend to his very first CAGLAN, you will get $2 off the admission cost.

What happens to this money?
All fees go directly back into the LAN, after recouping our expenses (food, drink, etc.). We use any extra money to buy tables, chairs, cables, power cords, and other things we need or would like to have.

What do I need to participate in CAGLAN?
You will NEED these things:
-Functioning computer with a 10baseT or 100baseT network card, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.
-Power strip to plug all your goodies into.

What else should I bring?
To fully enjoy CAGLAN, it's recommended you bring:
-A comfy chair. Actually, any chair would be good. Chairs are the only thing we're really short on right now.
-A small fan for yourself.
-The CDs of any games you are going to want to play.
-The driver disks for all your devices (ESPECIALLY your network card!) and the CD for your operating system (in case something goes horribly wrong.).
-Screwdriver and flashlight.

What shouldn't I bring?
-Drugs or any other "controlled substances."
-Alcohol intended to be distributed to minors.
-Anything else that can attract undue attention to CAGLAN.
-Speakers...We are now a headphones-only LAN.

Is there any sort of internet connection there?
Yes, we have a wireless internet connection through I-Net of New Mexico. This connection is several times faster than a dial-up modem.

Wow, can I leech that connection if I want to?
Yes, the connection is there for people to use it. However, we ask that you refrain from leeching it until everyone has downloaded all the patches and stuff they need. Programs like Kazaa may be blocked early on, but will be enabled after a while.

When should I show up?
We usually start CAGLAN at noon on Saturday, but the official start time for the LAN is posted on the frontpage. If you show up before that, there's no guarantee we will be there. Sometimes we allow setup the night before, but please check with us before you show up with your kit on Friday night.

What games are going to be played?
We play bunches of Quake3Arena and it's mods. There's some Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament 2003, Starcraft, BattleField1942, and other games going on too. There's really too many to list here.

Are all the latest patches, mods, and updates going to be available to me?
In a word: YES. We have a large Files section on CAGLAN.net. However, all of these files are available at the LAN, a well. If there's something we don't have, we can get it pretty quick thanks to the wireless internet provided. :-)

Will there be any sort of tournament?
Sometimes we host tournaments. Sometimes there's prizes involved and other times it's just for bragging rights. It all depends on how much time we have had preparing the event. (We have real lives, too.)

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